It was as if the Deva was completing its message from two years prior. This unveiling of yet another glory of the magical cacao bean led to three years of research and development by Hawaiian. Jim Walsh, finally understood (or so he thought), the Deva’s message and

created the technology for functional chocolate. The resultant technology creating heart healthy, better for you chocolate was licensed to a venture with a division of PepsiCo. Much of the work done by Hawaiian during those years is the basis for the current literature promoting the Heart Healthy nature of dark chocolate. After changing the way consumers related to chocolate once more we thought we had done our part to educate the world to the amazing benefits of this true “Food of the Gods”.


Then, in an inspirational moment in 2004, after watching miraculous events occur for years with the eating of Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, Jim Walsh realized the model for  human nutrition is incomplete. He knew he needed to look deeper. The following two years of

research and development prepared Hawaiian to take its biggest leap of faith yet. It was prepared to talk about the energy field that surrounds chocolate and how that energy field affects us all. He had observed that when great chefs personally prepare food they produce consistent affective results not duplicated by substitutes using the same recipes. He observed what can only be described as the Mother’s chicken soup syndrome. Lovingly prepared foods by one who cares has curative properties. This led him to consider intention and the impact intention has on food. Could someone using intentional technology change the nature of food? This is the underlying animus behind organic farming, raw foods, bio-dynamic farming, slow foods, rain forest environmental groups. They are all trying to impact the food we eat with a specific intention.

The HESA Institute’s early research on the Human Energy System has indicated that intention does impact our food. Would intention improve the energetic value of Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate? The answer was a responding yes. Based on a pilot human clinical trial, conducted under double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled conditions, researchers found that people who ate  ½ oz of  the intentionally treated chocolate twice daily for three days had a significant improvement in mood, as compared to people eating the same, but non-treated chocolate.


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