Then the Cacao gods decided that just being the “best chocolate in the world” was not enough to honor chocolate. In 1996 a scientist, Mark Erb, from Austin Texas transmitted a message from the cacao shamans of the upper Amazon (cacao’s birth place). Mark had been told by these jungle shamans to contact the man (Jim Walsh, HVC’s founder) working with the sacred cacao trees in the United States. He was to give this man the following message from the Deva or living spirit of Cacao – “the cacao tree is here on earth to heal the etheric heart of man and this mission is as important as plankton fixing oxygen from the sea. Continue your work,” the Deva

commanded, “it is critical to cacao fulfilling its purpose.” Not fully understanding this message, Jim Walsh continued working with the world’s top chefs educating chocolate lovers to the benefits of great chocolate and in so doing changing the way America thinks of chocolate. In 1997, as Hawaiian Vintage emerges as a public company, its principal investment banker suffers a massive heart attack. Six months later while walking through Hawaiian Vintage cacao fields he tastes the outside coating of the cacao bean. This fluid, not commercially available, is a wonderful treat tasting like a sweet sour tropical fruit packed with amazing energy. In less than a minute he turns to Marie Walsh and says I don’t have chest pain for the first time in 2 years – what is in this fluid!


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