Hawaiian Vintage is poised to take chocolate into the 21st century and beyond. What has been considered folklore and what chocolate users intuitively knew for thousands of years has now been scientifically proven. But before we talk about that let’s step back

into the history of HVC to see how the company’s philosophy and intention has brought us to this point.


In 1986 the journey began with an intention of revealing & sharing the true nectar of the gods with the world. Seven years of research and development yielded a way to honor the 4000 year old soul of the cacao bean. Using a combination of innovation, persistence and faith to rethink the four pillars of energetic food - environment, genetics, post harvest handling and intention, Hawaiian Vintage, as the first grower of cacao in the USA, created the world’s first Vintage/Varietal Chocolate in 1992. We spent the next 5 years spreading the word about the true properties of chocolate, its amazing health qualities, the transcendent attributes of tastes, texture and most importantly its soul.


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