Madame Pele's Chocolate Volcano with Haupia Mousse

Recipe by:
Chef Glenn Chu,
Indigo Restaurant
Serving Size: 1
Preparation Time: 2 hours

1 pound Hawaiian Vintage Kea'au Chocolate
3 large egg yolk
1/3 cup sugar
3 ounces coconut milk
1 1/2 tablespoons gelatin
2 cups heavy cream
1/8 cup coconut flakes
1 pint fresh strawberries -- sliced
1 banana -- peeled and sliced
1/4 papaya -- peeled and sliced
1 kiwi fruit -- peeled and sliced
2 tablespoons macadamia nut chips -- toasted
2 tablespoons cocoa powder -- for dusting
2 tablespoons powdered sugar -- for dusting
2 tablespoons raspberry coulis
2 tablespoons dry ice chip

  • Melt chocolate in double boiler.
  • Take a 6" funnel and cover with plastic wrap. Paint funnel with chocolate, thin even coats are best. Place in freezer for 5 minutes or just until set. Repeat process two more times. Carefully remove chocolate from funnel. Peel plastic wrap from chocolate, refrigerate until ready to use.
  • Beat egg yolks with half the sugar until bright yellow and satiny.
  • Heat coconut milk until warm, add gelatin and stir until dissolved, add coconut flakes. Fold in egg mixture.
  • Whip cream with remainder of sugar and beat until stiff. Fold into coconut mixture and refrigerate until set.
  • To assemble volcano, place mousse on plate. Take a small cup and fill with warm water (the hotter the water, the more smoke, but the faster the chocolate will melt), assemble cut fruit and nuts around mousse. Add dry ice chip to water, place chocolate shell over, sprinkle shell with cocoa, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and squirt raspberry coulis (lava) around plate. Serve immediately.

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